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Medical Assistants Education, Pay and Recognition

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This petition is to seek and demand better pay, education opportunities and experience recognition for medical assistants. Most Certified Medical Assistants attend college/technical school for 2 years or more to earn an associate degree worth $20,000-$30,000. Medical Assistants are the backbone of most medical offices performing all duties required for the office to run smoothly clinical and administrative. Most medical assistants perform all duties and even more than a Registered Nurse is trained to do and in some cases have more clinical experience and knowledge.

The starting pay for a medical assistant is around $10 an hour meanwhile starting pay for a Registered Nurse with only an associate as well is around $25 an hour. Medical assistants are grossly underpaid and have no opportunities to grow or continue their education in the medical field. A medical assistant is required to start from scratch regardless of earning an "Associate Degree" or experience since college credits are not accepted for transfer to any other school. This petition is mostly to acknowledge the 2 year education of a medical assistant and allow them to continue their education in the medical field without starting over completely.

A two year associate should be acknowledge like any other profession and be carried on and applied to pursue a bachelor degree in the medical field. Also the pay rate of a medical assistant should be according to the level of responsibility and work load, a medical assistant assist with medical  procedures, administer medications, administer vaccines, perform phlebotomy and is able to perform every single task in an office from the front desk, visit, triage, discharge/check out and much more.

I know many of us are stuck in a low income job, barely unable to have a decent living, we are definitely no able to repay our loans and we should be able to continue our education without our effort, time and money spent being ignored by starting over trying to better ourselves and serve the medical field.

Fellow medical assistants please sign this petition and lets our voice heard. 

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