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Department of Education, Ireland: Remove all 'Withdrawal' / 'Isolation' Rooms within Irish Schools

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Primary school children living with Autism are not dangerous, teachers in Ireland are not given adequate training to help a child on the spectrum when they are starting to get upset and/or have a meltdown. To lock a child in isolation is only going to add to their stress. As parents we have learned to see the signs of a meltdown and have strategies in place to help our children, we would never lock our children in a room and expect them to calm themselves down.  The use of isolation rooms is relatively new in Ireland but it has been common practice for many years in the United States. It is only after years of abuse and many children dying that the laws are now being changed in America and many states have banned the use of these rooms. Teachers need to be given specialised training every year so that they are given the tools they need to teach these wonderful children. Do we have to wait for a child to die in isolation before the Department of Education changes it's policies?

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