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By signing this petition you agree that the students and graduates of The International Academy of Design and Technology across the country should be considered for borrower defense to repayment for their student loans, just as the students of Corinthian Colleges have been relieved of their debt.
The purpose of this petition is to convince the U.S. Department of Education to acknowledge and discharge the student loans of the graduates and students who have attended the International Academy of Design and Technology (a for-profit school) with campuses across the country. The school and the staff at IADT have misrepresented their success of its education programs and the number of students obtaining jobs that paid enough for them to pay back their education debt and live financially independent.
Students who attended Corinthian College (Everest, Heald, and WyoTech) have been discharged of their student loans by the U.S. Department of Education. Corinthian College just like The International Academy of Design and Technology defrauded their students in claiming false success rates and employment of their graduates.
Just like the students at Corinthian Colleges, the students of IADT were promised career placement support from the school. Most of the jobs the career services department passed along had absolutely no relevance to the respective industries the students acquired degrees in. Many of the jobs were simply found on basic job posting websites that any individual could find without assistance. Since the closing of these institutions, the former graduates are no longer able to utilized this service despite the lack of effort put forth by the career services department.
One of the perks of IADT was that students could return later to retake courses to keep their degrees relevant with the ever changing technology that we see today. However, now that all campuses have closed students are unable to keep their knowledge relevant and have no transferable credits to take to other schools, because IADT falsely reported their credits were transferable because they were a Nationally Accredited College.
IADT staff reported medium starting salaries for graduates at about $50,000 per year. This amount of money to young students, many in their late teens and early 20's, applying for college seems very promising and would allow for student loans to be paid quite easily over time.
Most of the students who graduated from the International Academy of Design and Technology have not found jobs in their respected fields. The few students who have found job have waiting years to get into entry level positions which pay far less than what they were promised when applying to IADT.
Many students have not be able to live independently or have been facing financial hardships since repayment of their loans has taken affect. Many graduates have not been able to buy their first home, buy a reliable car, or take out other student loans to further their educations at other respectable colleges. Many students are on government aid in order to support themselves and their children.
Students who have been unable to pay their loans at all have been affected on their credit reports and have also had to carry the burden of affecting their co-signers credit as well.
Here are some of the facts that support the request for borrower defense for students and graduates of the International Academy of Design and Technology.
1. IADT falsely represented its academic programs as a good investment despite the fact that it knew that the default rate on student loans for their graduates within 3 years of graduation may be well up to 50%; and despite the fact that the loan payment students were saddled with, prohibits students from being able to live financially independent.
2. IADT falsely represented to its students that they could expect to work at some of the biggest and best companies in the world with their degrees from IADT. IADT knew that many businesses hiring in the field in which they offered degrees, would not interview or hire IADT graduates because of their poor reputation.
3. IADT hired alumni who could not find jobs and taught as professors or teachers; having no real world experience or any certification or history of teaching. Many of these instructors admitted to the Plaintiffs that they did not have the experience or the knowledge to teach the courses they were teaching.
4. IADT students who eventually did graduated from IADT, soon found out that their degrees were not worth the financial investment they’ve made and rather nominal or less than nominal value to prospective employers hiring in their field of study.
5. Contrary to IADT’s quota driven salespeople’s representations, at all relevant times, IADT had a poor reputation in the design and technology industry. To keep enrollments up, and receive more tuition payments, teachers and professors at IADT were pressured to pass students who did not attend classes, did not complete their coursework, or were not achieving passing grades.
6. IADT’s quota-driven admissions representatives, pursuant to their policies, were directed to methodically avoid discussing the true facts and figures with prospective students. If prospective students raised the issues, the quota-driven admissions representatives lied, changed the subject, or knowingly misled the prospective students.
7. The International Academy of Design & Technology Schaumburg Illinois Career Services department was staffed by unqualified individuals. The Career Services Department consisted of one person, who was also a student at IADT, who did little more than direct graduates to websites with job listings that they could find themselves, such as Craigslist or Monster.com, or provide compilations of such listings mined from such websites. Moreover, many of the listings provided to class members had no relation to their respective fields of study.
Many Class members, upon finding out about the inadequacies of an education from IADT, the degrees were essentially worthless in which decided to obtain degrees from other educational institutions. However, many educational institutions policies don’t accept credits/degree’s from Nationally Accredited institutions and Class members were forced to either not attend school because of the additional time and expense they would have to expend or had to take the same classes they had previously taken. IADT failed to disclose to prospective students that many colleges and universities do not accept Nationally Accredited credits and/or degree. Rather, prospective students were told that any credits earned from IADT would be accepted by local universities.
A plea to the U.S. Department of Education to accept the proposal to join the Corinthian College, Inc. Debt Relief program will not only justify the fraudulent acts committed to students but will also set forth a standard in which no student can be preyed on for financial gain.  

As written by JENNIFER ACKERMAN.  This petitioner was unable to reach the needed amount of supporters so we are starting the petition again.  

Please sign and support this petition so we may be relieved of this undue hardship.  We need your support.  Thank you.