Remove the mobile phone ban for students in Tasmanian public schools

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The Department of Education in Tasmania has recently placed a mobile phone ban in all Tasmanian public schools. The ban is not yet in full action but in a few months time it will be. This is horrible because in times of a disaster at school's, students wouldn't be able to contact their loved ones. For other students mobile phones can be something to comfort them in social situations or when they are feeling anxious.

The Department of Education is saying that having phones at school is creating cyber-bullying problems. Even if it is, these problems will continue at home anyway. The Tasmanian government was originally not going to place a phone ban in public schools until Victorian parents urged the government to do so. By following Victoria's lead they have created a problem that we must solve.

The ban that the Department of Education is placing will mean that students can't have their phone at school all day, and if they do then their phone will be taken off of them for the whole day. The ban states that 'the Department of Education is not responsible for any loss or damage of confiscated devices'.

This is outrageous. Banning mobile phones at schools will only make students learn how to hide their phones more - which leads to lying - and they'll also just use their school devices (such as their laptop or school computers) to do the same things they would do on their mobile phone. Banning mobile phones will also take away the ability to teach children about our technological era. According to The Gaurdian, 4 out of 5 experts say that mobile phone bans in school is not a good idea.

This year is only a test ban but next year it will be permanent. We must stop this!

Sign and share this petition to get the mobile phone ban in Tasmanian school's removed or prevented! For anyone that is asking what we are trying to acheive, our aim is to have mobile phones allowed during lunch and recess breaks at high schools in Tasmania. NOT in class time and NOT in primary schools. We will talk to the Minister of Education Tasmania (Jeremy Rockliff) once we reach 1000 signatures

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