COVID-19: Change to The Leaving Cert 2020

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This petition is in response to the Covid-19 virus which is fast spreading across Ireland. As a result, I believe that it is unlikely the Leaving Cert will take place at its scheduled time on the 3rd of June.

For thousands of students across the country, this could mean having to sit the exams at a later date such as late August/September which would not only interfere with College start dates but may also result in a decline in results due to a lack of motivation over the summer.

That is why I am proposing this, a cancellation of the Leaving Cert 2020 and in its place a system whereby college will look at past results from 5th and 6th year, obtain references from teachers detailing the results that they feel the student would have been capable of receiving and finally an interview process conducted by the relevant faculties depending on the students chosen course.

I am aware that this may not work for every course and some may need their own specific plan but this is a start and a route that I believe the government should be seriously looking into in the interest of public health and safety.

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