Allow students to return to their residence accommodations

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Students are already continuing with their academics online... The Minister Of Higher Education Dr Blade Nzimande stated how they are willing to help students with their studies and that students are expected to be home for that period...

The problem is students want to go back to their student accommodations in order to continue with their online learning studies. It's an effective way for students because unlike home, students will have their own space to study and will concentrate better... At home, students are living under different circumstances which may lead to them not being able to concentrate. Other students are living in areas which have bad Internet service and they can't attend any online session. Other students are facing challenges in their households for example :Abuse, Noise and other things which negatively affects them academically 

We will like the Department Of Higher Education to help students to go back to their student accommodations for better outcomes. Students in that way will be able to have time for their academics..

A lot of students are concerned about their future and a lot are not against this thing of studying online but what's most important to them is the environment which they at.

So please help students to return to student accommodations by signing this petition calling on our Minister Of Higher Education Dr Blade Nzimande to his power and intervene...