A-Level Resit Students REFUSED grades despite CANCELLATION of exams due to COVID-19

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An open letter to the people of our nation AND our politicians,

A-Level students across the United Kingdom have spent the past few years preparing for their exams which were scheduled for May/June 2020. However, the nation was placed into lockdown on March 23rd, 2020, in an unprecedented step to attempt limiting the spread of Corona Virus. 

The Government announced the cancellation of all exams and replaced them with "calculated grades" or Centre Assessment Grades; these are to be awarded by the institutions. OFQUAL claimed to have developed a 'robust' process that is 'as fair as possible for all students'.

However, A-Level resit students were kept completely in the dark. Their institutions assured them they had their "best interests in mind", until weeks later - when they started to refuse to give them grades due to their growing fear of ruining their reputation, "credibility" and from OFQUAL "scrutiny". 

Thousands of hardworking students are being deprived of their places and offers from Top Universities after spending weeks on their applications; preparing for their admission exams and formal interviews. Their dreams are being delayed - all for reasons beyond their control.

Can we blame these students for the outbreak of a global pandemic?

Should we be overlooking the future of these students due to the failures of the Department for Education?

What measures will be made to ensure students retain their offers?

If a decision can be made so quickly to put the futures of many students at risk, then a decision can be made in the same amount of time to undo this.