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Allow Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to serve in the U.S. Military.

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As we all know that any history of using hearing aids or cochlear implants is an automatic disqualification from enlisting in the 5 branches of the United States Military. Why is that when we now have great technology that would allow deaf or hard of hearing individuals to hear better that they should be excluded from serving their country? Just because one is deaf or hard of hearing doesn't mean that they are unable to perform their mos/afsc/rate in non-combat positions. There are people in the military who have never seen combat. I understand it would be tough for someone with hearing loss to serve in combat zones but why not allow them to perform jobs that do not involve combat? Such jobs include: mechanics, medic, recruiting, transport cargo, etc. 80% of the jobs in the United States Military are non-combat. 

Did you know

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) is the only country in the world that requires their deaf and hard of hearing citizens to enlist and serve in the military. Sign language interpreters and other accommodations are provided during training! These individuals serve in non-combat occupational specialties. These specialties include but are not limited to mappers, recruiters, K-9 trainers, engineers, clerical workers, etc.. The deaf and hard of hearing service members that serve in IDF have better opportunities for post-military employment, housing, and education.

Watch these videos:

Former deaf ROTC student explains his experienced:

 U.S. Army DS Jackson expresses his opinion about deaf and hard of hearing people to serve in the military:


Did you know that deaf and hard of hearing served and fought in the Civil War? According to: There is also an interesting story about a man who fought in the Texas Revolution War, his name was Erastus Smith. Deaf Smith County in Texas was named in his honor. Another example is John Edlund, a deaf man from Chicago found himself drafted into the military during the World War 2. 

List of wars deaf/hh served in the U.S:

  • Mexican-American War
  • Texas Independence War - Deaf Smith
  • Civil War
  • World War II 

Please tell the United States Department of Defense that we need to start opening programs that would enable deaf and hard of hearing people to serve in the United States military in non-combat positions!!


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