Supporting online exams and remote-learning for international students

Supporting online exams and remote-learning for international students

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Students at the above universities are being forced to take back-to-school exams and study, a compulsion that is a violation of human rights and discriminates against international students.

Forcing students to participate in offline exams in today's climate will lead to serious problems such as

  1. The closed environment of the examination centres and the dense crowds will greatly increase the likelihood of students contracting a new crown, which will potentially lead to an outbreak on campus. This would be contrary to the guidance policy issued by the DfE to colleges to control the risk of outbreaks.
  2. Schools do not have the means to ensure a safe environment for examinations, and the existence of some students under-reporting and delayed testing to take examinations in an unsafe capacity can cause a range of serious problems for the school community in terms of infection, teaching being called off and students suffering from physical and mental health. Test results in an environment where danger is everywhere are equally unfair, uninformative and worthless.
  3. The school's lack of concern for the students' actual situation and the forced return to school has had a serious impact on their mental health, with many students suffering from anxiety under such pressure, which has a serious impact on their later studies.
  4. A large proportion of Chinese students are still unable to leave the country due to flight and policy reasons, and the inability to sit offline exams will result in them not graduating successfully. This will have a direct impact on employment and postgraduate study!
  5. There are already UK universities that have indicated their agreement to dual-track education between online exams and the current academic year. We, too, in a national education system, would feel extremely unfair about this. In fact the University of Hull has also had a precedent for online exams for accredited professional online courses as recently as last year.
  6. With the Civil Aviation Authority issuing meltdown orders to a number of airlines and a number of countries announcing a ban on flights to the UK, international students outside the UK will not be able to arrive in the UK at all before their exams.

In the context of the recent epidemic in the UK, the number of flights to the UK from all countries has been drastically reduced, travel restrictions are tightening and the Omicron strain is proliferating across the UK. their basic human rights.

At the same time a number of schools in the UK have offered online exams and teaching options for struggling international and local students. This dual-track approach is both humane and safe, helping international students as much as possible. In contrast, the decisions made by the Universities of Hull, Manchester, Warwick, York, Cardiff, Lincoln and Swansea to force students to return to school to study and take exams, and to delay re-entry for a year if they are unable to do so, can affect not only their individual grades but also their return process and even cause them to miss out on job opportunities. These decisions all result in students feeling strongly treated unequally. The human rights abuses and discrimination against international students brought about by this coercive behaviour should be stopped immediately!

Online exams ensure that students are tested in a safe and secure environment, while the more diverse format of online exams allows for a more comprehensive assessment of students' mastery. The dual system of online and offline teaching can also meet the different needs of schools, teachers and students. It is a great way to enrich the content, ensure quality teaching and control the risk of epidemics on campus.

Students from UK universities have strongly petitioned the Universities of Hull, Manchester, Warwick, York, Cardiff, Lincoln and Swansea to introduce a dual-track teaching system combining online exams and second semester online and offline as soon as possible! Stop discrimination and inequality and may 2022 be a good year!

Policy support.

New DfE rules to allow universities to offer offshore online courses to international students by 6 April 2022.

The DfE's Guidance on the operation of higher education in New Coronary Pneumonia, calling on schools to control risk and ensure student safety.

DfE's September 2021 Evaluation of Distance Learning in Schools, "Where students need to self-segregate, or where there are national or local restrictions requiring students to remain at home, the DfE expects schools to provide them with immediate access to distance learning."

403 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!