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Department for Education: Please address the inequality between Early Years Teachers (EYPs or EYTs) and teachers with QTS

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EYPs and EYTs were promised that their ‘status’ would be equal though different to that of QTS. The DIFFERENCE is clearly that they will continue not to be valued as equal in status or in financial terms. The funding has never been made available to settings to ensure that EYPs/EYTs could be employed. In fact most staff budgets are under pressure to sustain existing pay awards.

If qualified EYPs/EYTs are not to be paid an equivalent rate to those with QTS then those that wish must be enabled to be fast-tracked to access local, free, additional training to achieve Early Years QTS.

Some training providers, for ‘Early Years Teachers with QTS’, do not regard Early Childhood based degrees or Early Years Professional Status or Early Years Teacher Status as relevant or equivalent core studies to apply for this training. These providers prefer applicants to have academic core study degrees such as Maths, French or History over specific studies relating to Child Development, etc. - and will not consider applications from Early Years Professionals or candidates with Early Years degrees.

Similarly, potential Schools Direct candidates struggle to find locally available training for Early Years Teaching and are generally required to have had primary school experience to get beyond the interview stage.

Unless, EYPs/EYTs are able to self-fund further training through the Early Years PGCE, they encounter a total block to accessing QTS and receiving Teacher's pay.

Regrettably, many EYPs/EYTs have been unable to secure permanent and well-paid employment that will enable them to afford additional training. In fact, I am in exactly the same job as when I commenced training in 2008, in spite of my vastly improved qualifications and levels of skill.

It is unacceptable and damaging to the Early Years landscape that Early Childhood Specialists are discriminated in this way and the situation should be resolved with immediate effect.

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