Petition Closed

Oldfield School is apparently an outstanding school. It is clear, however, that there are some significant issues relating to the leadership and governance.

The community has the right to know what is meant when Ofsted state that they explored "complaints from staff and from the local authority which lie outside its remit. The issues underpinning these complaints have been passed to the Department for Education for further consideration."

I have spent some time looking across other inspections, and can find no other time where Ofsted has stated that concerns lie outside its remit. This suggests that there is something seriously wrong.

As parents we have the right to know what these concerns are and what is going to be done about them. How are we able to see if changes are being made if the problem is being hidden by the veil of spin that the headteacher has just put out?

I urge everyone to sign this petition to show Governors the extent of our passion for this school and the desire for transparency.

Letter to
Ofsted Department for Education & Governors of Oldfield School
Michael Gove
Release the full extent of concerns raised by Ofsted about Oldfield School