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Ensure that all school students have access to a well-run school library.

One in 5 children have no books at home. Many more have limited access to public libraries, or to the expertise of a professional librarian. By ensuring that all schools have libraries, and that they are properly run with professional library support, either full-time in the case of scondary schools, or part-time in the case of primary schools, the government can ensure that all children have good access not only to books and information but also the support necessary to use these effectively. Making this provision statutory would stop the current uneven provision and give all children and young people access, regardless of family income or easy access to a public library. Far too many schools have either no school library, or no professional library support, with consequent lack of access for their students.

Letter to
Department for Education
Please take steps to ensure that all school students have access to a well-run school library. Not all headteachers share your belief that a school should have a library, and we have seen recent cases of schools either not being built with a library or actually getting rid of an existing library. Many more school libraries are run by unqualified staff, who are not able to give students the guidance they need, whether in choosing the right book to read for pleasure, or in finding the information they need. Please make it clear to all schools that being able to provide a well-run library is part of providing a proper education for all students.

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