John Podesta Must Be Removed from DNC Convention Committees

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Chairman Tom Perez of the Democratic National Committee has released his nominees for the 2020 Democratic Convention Standing Committees. 

When Chairman Perez was elected he sought unity within a party deeply fractured. While there were a number of reasons for the divisions within the party, one significant reason was the DNC abdicating its responsibility to its members to be impartial in the selection of the party's nominee for president in 2016.

The party became the apparatus of the Clinton campaign which was in direct opposition to the commitment of the party to its voters. 

A central figure to that plot to select rather than elect the party's nominee in 2016 was John Podesta. His nomination to a Convention Standing Committee for 2020, or any other area where he is a decision maker or has influence, is unacceptable.

Chairman Perez, we urge you to withdraw Podesta's nomination immediately. Allow us, the activists who you asked to come back to the party,  to stay focused on worked toward victories for Democrats.