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Give Senator Bernie Sanders a Fair Chance by Increasing Number of Sanctioned Debates

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We believe that Senator Bernie Sanders is the best qualified candidate for President of the United States and that he is being treated unfairly by the DNC, by denying his request to hold more sanctioned debates.

We respectfully petition the Democratic National Committee to sponsor more than six sanctioned Democratic Presidential Debates, and that they begin that debate schedule this summer, as Senator Sanders has requested, and/or to allow candidates to participate in debates not sanctioned by the DNC.

If the candidates are not allowed  to debate more than 6 times, we do not believe that voters will have ample opportunity to see a clear picture of where each of the candidates stands on the issues facing this nation. There are too many important issues to cover in only 6 debates.

Further, many Sanders supporters believe that Hillary Clinton has already been chosen as the Democratic party nominee before the debates have even begun. They feel that she is being given an unfair advantage.

Please understand that If Senator Sanders is not allowed to be heard, through more sanctioned debates, and he loses the primary election, many of his supporters will feel that it is because he was not given a fair chance to be heard on the issues. If that happens, many of them will refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic candidate.  Many of them will vote for Senator Sanders as a write-in candidate.  Many of them will not vote at all.  

It is only fair, to ALL of the candidates, and to the American people, that they be allowed to debate as many times as possible, in order to reach as large an audience as possible, and let the voters decide.

We feel that increasing the debate schedule will guarantee a fair and equal opportunity for ALL candidates to make it clear where they stand on the issues. If the debate schedule is increased, no one will be able to say that ALL candidates were not given an equal chance.

Thank you for your consideration.

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