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Demand that President Obama and Attorney General Launch an Investigation into Wells Fargo's Predatory Lending Practices


We're fed up and starting a petition, demanding that the office of the Nevada Attorney General launch an investigation into Wells Fargo predatory mortgage practices. Today, we demand that if you rip off the poor and the working middle class. If you break the law, you will be held accountable. You will go to jail just like Madoff!  "Too Big To Fail" banks shall NEVER be “Too Big To Jail!” Justice will not be served until the financial criminals are jailed. Put the financial criminals in jail and restore our banking integrity Wells Fargo is guilty of grossly inflating the value of our home, fraudulently originating our mortgage loan, illegally foreclosing our home, and falsifying IRS tax forms. I am a proud veteran and hard working small business owner.  We did everything right in pursuing and preserving our American Dream.  However, Wells Fargo not only broke the law by originating us a fraudulent mortgage loan, but also acting above the law and illegally foreclosing our home. 

And tragically, we're not alone.  Wells Fargo is the largest mortgage lender in the country, and thousands, if not tens of thousands, have fallen victim to Wells Fargo's Predatory Mortgage Practices. Our joy and pride of owning a home is slipping away.  Our financial independence and freedom is slipping away.  Our financial security is slipping away.  Sign the petition and demand that the Nevada Attorney General launch an investigation into Wells Fargo predatory mortgage practices. Sincerely, Donna and Nuno Vieira        

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    Patricia Callahan
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    Harry Reid
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    David Hoyt
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    Kevin Rhein
  • President of the United States

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