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Politicians love pointing their fingers at other vocations and demanding accountability. But, while teachers, nurses, carpenters, and business owners all need licenses or some type of certification, there is not a similar standard demanded, or expected for politicians.

Weekly, sometimes daily, there are accounts of politicians on both sides of the aisle misusing their power, brokering illegal backroom deals, and deliberatly lying to the people they are supposed to serve.

Hold the politicians accountable. Don't leave it to their cronies to punish them, let's create a licensing system that will revoke their ability to practice for bad behavior. Let's hold them personally responsible for their decisions and their actions.

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As a public school teacher, I am held accountable not only for my teaching quality, but for my personal behavior with colleagues and the students I teach. Should I violate this trust, my certificate will be revoked and I will be prohibited from serving as a teacher in the future. Many other vocations have similar types of accountability measures in place to protect the public and to maintain standards. Why are politicians excluded?

I am writing to ask you to demand a similar level of accountability for government leaders. Like teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and carpenters, let's put in place a system of certification under which politicians must meet initial criteria in order to earn a certificate and maintain their certificate with ongoing education.

Under the current system, there are no clearly delineated methods of evaluation for government officials. Certainly, they may be recalled, but depending on their level of influence, they may or may not be held accountable for their actions. We see this over and over and over again. With a system of certification, there will be the same type of objective criteria applied to their jobs as those in other fields.

Politicians are quick to demand these sorts of measures to other careers, let's apply their rules to them. The effects of their jobs have even more serious consequences for the health of our nation, they must be held to standards of behavior and performance.

Thank you for your consideration.

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