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Demand justice for Lennox

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BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION KILLS INNOCENT PETS, SEE YOUR MP TO TRY AND CHANGE THE CURRENT LAW! I have never known of a council to inflict so much cruelty onto one family and their dog. Lennox was a pit bull type breed an innocent dog from Belfast in Northern Ireland, he had over 200,000 signatures on his petition pleading with Belfast city council to save his life. He was sentenced to die based purely on looks and measurements, he never in his life attacked anybody or shown any signs of aggression. Sadly Lennox was put to death on 11th July 2012, his family weren't even allowed to say goodbye to him.

Personally I thought this was way out of order, what harm could it have done to say goodbye to their beloved pet? There are claims that Lennox was mistreated at the hands of Belfast city council, he was kept in inhumane conditions in a secret location. No food, toys, water, or good bedding was to be seen anywhere,this is animal abuse. photos of Lennox was released with bald patches on his body, the media suggested lennox was being abused in their care. members of the public contacted Belfast city council and enquired about his general welfare. Their response were to ignore the public and rather than acting like a calm professional council they thought it would be funny to make rather ridiculous barking noises down the phone. 

This is inapproiate behaviour I'm sure when they first gained employment with this council that this kind of behaviour would not be tolerated whatsoever. There are claims that Lennox was killed before his final hearing at the court of appeal. When his family kept enquiring about his belongs ie ashes and his collar the staff at Belfast city council kept making excuses why they couldn't be returned. Eventually I believe his ashes were returned to them in a wine carrier bag!!!!! But no signs of his collar that staff had promised a devastated little girl that she could have as a keepsake. Belfast city council were so corrupt in everything they did regarding this case.


A dog warden at the council miss Lightfoot even commited perjury in a courtroom to sentence an innocent dog to die, she mentioned how terrified she was of Lennox when in truth pictures were released of her smiling as Lennox was seen to be licking her face. I am utterly disgusted about the way Belfast city council dealt with this case, they shown no dignity, professionalism or respect, they didn't have the decency to inform his family when he had been killed they learned this through somebody else. I do believe Belfast city council have something to hide, he was mistreated but was he seriously abused or hurt?? This we do not know for sure and i hope an investigation goes ahead and finally Lennox can rest in peace. We cannot allow Belfast city council to treat any other dog with very little respect. I hate any animal suffering and if anybody inflicts it onto the voiceless then they need to be investigated and punished, so I ask you now please join me in asking the mayor of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson and David Cameron demands an investigation into Belfast city council. Thank you very much for your time, sleep well Lennox.







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