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Petitioning Governor John Hickenlooper and 5 others

Demand Governor Hickenlooper Enact an Immediate Statewide Moratorium on all Oil & Gas, Fracking Development in Colorado


Eastern Colorado has experienced flooding of epic proportions as of recent and thousands of oil and gas well sites have adversely been impacted. The affected areas have high concentrations of oil and gas mining activities where the vast majority of well pads have been damaged beyond repair and are leaking toxic chemicals into our riverways.


The adverse impacts from petrochemicals and other fracking fluid & radioactive chemicals currently being discharged are gravely destructive to Colorado’s air, water, land, wildlife and human health. It is clear that Colorado and the oil and gas industry was not prepared for worst case scenarios at the expense of the agricultural industry, farming industry, real estate industry, human lives and our water ways that travel into Nebraska.  


Governor Hickenlooper must enact an immediate statewide moratorium on all oil and gas activities to include but not limited to; any completed well, currently active wells, Class II injection wells, UIC disposal areas, compressor stations, gathering stations and processing plants.  Governor Hickenlooper must deem all oil and gas activities as an immediate hazard to environmental and human health and must prohibit statewide operations immediately. 






Letter to
Governor John Hickenlooper
Director, COGCC Matt Lepore
Executive Director Mike King
and 3 others
Deputy Director, Dept of Natural Resources Bob Randall
Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board James Eklund
Interim Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Kim McGowen
Dear Governor John Hickenlooper:

Concerned citizens from around the world are coming together to ask why Governor Hickenlooper has not taken the most effective and immediate protective measures to prevent adverse impacts to the citizens and the environment of Colorado. We request you take immediate and good faith measures to call for an indefinite statewide moratorium on all mineral extraction activities to include those that use hydraulic fracturing

We have seen the horrific images of toxic water tanks on their sides, flowlines and other pipes discharging hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting chemicals in to our St. Vrain and South Platte Rivers. Colorado’s citizens, agriculture, cattle ranches, organic farms and even the State of Nebraska are recipients of these toxins that are spilling and discharging from oil and gas operation equipment that were clearly in the flood plain.

This is an immediate and grave crisis that you must address by enacting an indefinite statewide moratorium on all oil and gas related activities and until such time all affected areas have been tested for water quality, point sources of pollution, air toxicity, subsurface water sampling, well casing integrity, aquifer sampling, human health impacts, wildlife impacts, agricultural impacts et al.

We are also requesting a full accountability of all oil and gas API information to include specific locations, all statuses of said wells in the flood plain location(s), all mineral productions prior to, and post the natural event, all volumes of chemicals (both liquid and dry) that were known to be on site at each API location and any volumes lost/discharged in to the environment, last date of inspection of API location, identify any wells in location that were under current ‘notice of alleged violation(s)’, identify all open evaporation pits with a list of known chemicals, provide all flare volumes prior to and post flooding impact(s),the date and time all well sites in the flooded areas were reportedly ‘shut in’ remotely and those that were reported shut in physically, and all well sites that were not shut in.

Governor Hickenlooper, you have a moral obligation to call for an immediate and indefinite statewide moratorium on all mineral extraction activities to include those that use hydraulic fracturing. Anything less would not be in good faith to protect the citizens and the environment of Colorado.

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