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Demand Global Medical Assistance for All


When a headline-grabbing natural disaster strikes, the world often responds with an immediate outpouring of food and medical supplies.

But what about the 2 billion people – children who die from preventable or treatable illnesses, adults with debilitating chronic conditions who can no longer provide for their families, and entire communities threatened by infectious diseases – who are in urgent need of even the most basic medical care?

Billions of vulnerable people – one third of the world’s population – lack access to the lifesaving medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid they need every day.

World leaders have promised to increase aid, only to have these promises remain largely unfulfilled.  When communities in need aren’t in the news, their suffering is often forgotten.  That’s why we must fight every day to provide access to the vital medicine and medical supplies they desperately need for survival.

Today you can add your name to the global call asking world leaders to join in the effort to fulfill our collective responsibility to increase access to lifesaving medicine to all the world’s people – wherever they are, whenever they need it. Our generation has the power to demand action on behalf of the men, women and children whose survival depends on our help. Your voice will bring us one step closer to that goal.

Letter to
The International Community
Right now nearly a third of the world’s population has inadequate access to health care and medicine.

While aid often pours into vulnerable communities in response to natural disasters, it is lack of basic health care, more than any other reason, that threatens their survival.

We must do more. I pledge to be part of the solution and I call on the international community to make a strong commitment to invest more in global aid and provide medical assistance to all the world’s people – whenever, wherever they need it.

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