Freedom of Speech on Palestine

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Freedom of Speech on Palestine

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Started by Peace in Our Name

Give a voice to the voiceless

We demand freedom of speech on Palestine, an end to censorship and an end to the attacks on those who speak out in support of Palestinians.

The Israeli occupation of Palestine and subsequent ethnic cleansing is a major source of instability in the world.  This is directly influenced by decisions made throughout the world and in order for the Apartheid and suffering it creates to end certain changes need to be made by the Western government and the international press.

This is not a battle between 2 equal parties.  Israel has surrounded the West Bank by an 8m tall multi-layered 'separation wall' that is 700 km long.  Additionally they prevent Palestine from using their own ocean and water sources, from trading and from having access to basic amenities, sufficient food and medical supplies.  Over 48,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel, whereas NO Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestine.  There are over 9,000 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel, who are as young as 12.

In addition to the thousands of Palestinians killed during attacks, countless more Palestinian adults and children have died from malnutrition and by being prevented access to the medicine and shelter that they need.  Ending the censorship about this prison city and having the illegal blockade lifted would go a long way to enable a more adequate distribution of desperately needed goods, medicines, and materials and to end the daily deaths from preventable disease and deprivation.  By signing this petition you are joining those working hard to help the beleaguered people of Gaza, including Justice Matters One Voice Global who provide support for those suffering the additional hardship of cancer in Gaza.

Our last petition to let the pro-peace video ‘birds not bombs’ by the London schoolgirl Leanne Mohamad be reinstated on the Speak Out website, after being censored due to pressure from an ultra-right Zionist blogger was a great success.  With over 7000 signatures and huge support on social media, her video and award were reinstated in just 2 days. We thank everyone for their support. We are now addressing a more challenging issue and the bigger picture and would appreciate your continued support.

What must happen for there to be a peaceful resolution?

We demand that the international press and international governments:

  • Recognise the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, statehood and independence.
  • Acknowledge that being anti-Zionist is NOT the same as being anti-Semitic and to stop persecuting individuals or organisations who are pro-Palestinian or who speak out against the Israeli government and their war crimes.  Palestinians are also Semites and nationalistic racist Zionism is the problem; there are millions of Jews worldwide who are pro Palestinian and anti Zionist.
  • Allows and maintains the legal status of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Apartheid Israel.  To be able to practice BDS is a basic human right.  It is covered under The First Amendment of the US constitution, that as well as giving freedom of religion “prohibits the making of any law … prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances”.  BDS is a peaceful and pro-active way to petition a government and is therefore a basic human right.

We demand that all governments:

  • Stop sending money or military aid to Israel.  Currently America sends $10,200,000 to Israel every day in military aid, paid for by US tax payers, but sends nothing to Palestine.  If governments stop supporting Israel with enormous unjustifiable amounts of money that Israel, and Israel only is given, then the Israeli state will be forced to find a just and durable peace with the Palestinians.

We demand that the American government:

Ending Apartheid

The Apartheid regime in South Africa was brought down by BDS.  In order for Israel to agree to a peaceful solution, it is essential that they have external pressure from the international community to reach one.  Apartheid South Africa was brought down by the people, from the bottom up, and this is the only way we can end Israeli Apartheid.

Words are not enough and violence is never the answer.

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This petition had 1,947 supporters

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