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Demand Congress stop funding private armies in the Middle East

As you may know contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan make up 57% of the DOD work force at last census in Sep. 2009. Furthermore, recently there has been a flux of discreditable actions against what the DOD refers to as "Private Security Firms" or in other words Hired Mercenaries. Recently a story was uncovered thanks in large part to company whistle blowers for one of those hired "security firms" known as ArmorGroup. ArmorGroup video was uncovered showing members of this private security firm engaging in acts of blatant licentious behavior. Also a company hired for private security formally known as Blackwater, now known as "XE" is under investigation. Six of their former contracted employees were indicted for the murder of 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in 2007, several of which have plead guilty in exchange for testimony and lesser sentences. Blackwater's contract expired in September of 2009 and the U.S. still decided to extend the contract, giving the tainted company over 1 billion dollars under the Bush administration alone. These companies among many others are currently being paid with U.S. tax dollars appropriated by Congress with little to no restrictions placed on the actions of their employees. Though these companies don't "officially" represent the United States, to millions of citizens in these inhabited regions, it's the common belief that these are in fact representatives of the U.S. Signing this petition will demand that Congress create exploratory committee's to investigate the inhumane and unjust actions at the expense of the American tax dollar, ending ALL contracts and replacing ALL companies found guilty immediately.

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We the people of the United States of America hereby demand the immediate investigation into to practices of private companies funded with tax payer money. Furthermore, we would insist that any private company funded by tax payer money through government allotment, that has been under investigation for ANY reasons, subsequently resulting in any sanctions, condemning, siting, fining, prosecuting, and/or any relevant punishments invoked through due process against the above mentioned institutions, be stripped of funding and replaced immediately. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions about this petition, please feel free to contact the creator of this work at: