Demand Colin Bailey settles with UCU so that the strikes can be called off

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UCU, the national trade union for academic and academic-related staff, has called another round of strikes that are scheduled to affect 14 work-days in February and March. Staff do not want to take industrial action, however, our demands for better working conditions and secure pension have not been met. As a result, we are asking the President and Principal of Queen Mary University of London, Colin Bailey, to use his influence to settle these demands so that the strike can be called off.

The demands are as follows:

Pay and conditions demands with UCEA

Professional and Academic staff at Queen Mary University of London have been forced to take industrial action as UCEA (Universities & Colleges Employers Association), the body that negotiates pay on behalf of institutions, has refused to meet reasonable demands on:

  1. Pay - Successive below-inflation pay rises have left staff worse off, despite the university's income rising dramatically.
  2. Workload - Although student numbers keep increasing every year at QM, staff numbers have not increased. Overstretchedstaff have less time to give to students.
  3. Equality - At QMUL, there are large gender and ethnicity pay-gaps. This is not just a statistical artefact, the university's Diversity & Inclusion Manager resigned citing institutional racism.
  4. Casualisation - Far too many staff at QM are on fixed term or hourly contracts, having little to no job security.

This infographic explains the demands

Secure pension demand with UUK

Pension justice - The strike action in February and March 2018 saved the USS pension scheme from being converted from a guaranteed benefit scheme into a defined contribution scheme (employee takes all the risk). The future of the scheme is still not certain and contributions rises are making staff poorer in addition to the below-inflation pay rises. Staff deserve a secure retirement. UUK should work to implement the recommendations from the three stages of the Joint Expert Panel (JEP) and ensure that there will be no increases in contributions and no cuts to benefits. UUK (Universities UK) represent QMUL in this dispute.

It is within Colin Bailey's power to put pressure on UCEA and UUK and its members to agree with the demands of UCU and avoid these strikes.

Sign this petition to support staff in their fight for better working conditions and pension justice. By working together we can make universities fairer and better for all.