Demand an end to police brutality. Ban all restraint techniques that choke / suffocate

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  1. I’m making this petition because of police misconduct and excessive force by obstructing someone’s airway causing them to pass out and lose consciousness ultimately leading to their death. There should be a federal law passed not allowing police officers to use excessive force by placing their knees on someone’s necks or putting the suspect in a chokehold obstructing their airway. Too many people have lost their lives to officers excessive force and misconduct using this procedure. We have seen several videos of alleged suspects being murdered by Police officer statewide using this procedure of placing Their knees on necks or chokehold the suspect watching them beg for their lives saying they can’t breathe but no one taking into account of the suspect begging And pleading for their lives. A lot of these police officers know that this procedure can cause a suspect to go unconscious later succumbing to their injuries ultimately leading to their death but officer still continue to use these excessive force practices even when the suspect is not resisting arrest just like Eric Gardner in New York City and George Floyd from Minneapolis. These videos are hard to watch!!! Something needs to be done Justice needs to be served this law needs to be passed.