Allow Backyard Hens in Delta

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Vancouver, New West, Poco, North Van, West Van & more have all been allowing residents to raise backyard hens for YEARS and residents have happily co-existed.  None of the cities have rescinded this allowance either - which tells us it’s working.  Each have varying regulations to mitigate any issues/concerns so there is no need for Delta to reinvent the wheel here!

Let’s have our city bylaws match the farming/agriculture heritage it prides itself on!  The last time this issue was looked at by Council was 2011 and it was rejected!  Times and outlooks have changed and it clearly works in an urban environment so let’s get Delta to commit to their vision of agricultural practices co-existing with residential living.  Most of us do not have the luxury of a 1/2 acre property that is zoned for agricultural use (which are the restrictions currently in place) but many enjoy organic, sustainable gardening practices and the opportunity to grow what we eat.  It’s time to shift our bylaws to support this opportunity.