Introduction of rescue vans in North Delhi for animals

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" Compassion is the ultimate expression of your highest self" : Russell Simmons.

Number of street dogs are increasing everyday and so are the complications .

We are the one's as humans who need to take a stand for their healthy lives ,they can't speak but we got to understand ! I am pretty sure that you too, are an animal lover and if not you are definitely a human who has the urge to help but since not many rescue vans are available half of our spirits along with that of the dogs lower down ,sadly. 

I am one of you who wants to help but helping adult dogs is not possible with just our will to help unless we have rescue vans  to take them to the hospital and there are three stray dogs who are in desperate need of help and am unable to help them because I cannot take them to the hospital since most of the hospitals who provides vans are in South Delhi and the government hospital near my place does not provide any vans .


You have the power to make the impossible turn into possible! 


By signing up this petition you would be helping a dog take one step closer to a healthier ,happier and safer life.

They need us and it's our duty to help them.

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