Stop Zippos Circus using cats as entertainment

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Stop Zippos Circus using cats as entertainment

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Zippos Circus are a travelling Circus in the UK who use cats as entertainment. They bring the cats on stage and make them do tricks in a circus environment then they go back to the wagon. The cats are being transported around the country which is extremely stressful especially for a species such as a cat, a solitary species by nature that relies very much on its territory.

Requiring cats to perform in front of an audience in a circus stadium and moving them around the country will inevitably causes them stress. Stress is hard to detect as cats can be extremely clever, they hide pain and stress very well. Some of the health issues that can result from exposing cats to performing publicly in a circus and being transported include stress related cystitis, inappropriate toileting, over grooming and fighting.

When the cats are not performing they are being kept in an individual wagon, which is in open view for members of the public to look into. With 27 cats confined to this one wagon we are concerned about for the welfare of the cats. The conditions are cramped, there is no-where for the cats to hide, no scratching facilities available and there are they have insufficient litter trays for 27 cats.

We believe that the use of cats in circuses is not appropriate and is highly likely to compromise their welfare needs and result in stress related illnesses.

We call on the government to consider banning the use of cats in circuses.

NOTE: Zippos Circus are also using horses, budgerigars and a dog to perform for "entertainment". We feel just as strongly that these animals DO NOT belong in a circus!

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