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The epidemic of soldier suicides is specifically troubling. Troops are disciplined for minor infractions, with otherwise excellent records prior to mental health issues, facing disciplinary action and significant punishment, which is extremely detrimental to their well-being and dishonors the very same
organizations who sends them to war, only to turn their back on them. Troops face harrassment every single day by the very leaders that are supposed to protect them.  My daughter has been harassed for well over a year by members of her chain of command and most recently demoted, taking the last bit of dignity she had. This did nothing but exacerbate her illnesses and send her into financial turmoil with the severe pay cut the demotion resulted in. This is what our troops deserve? This is how they are treated? Unfortunately, yes this is how they are treated.

This Marine fought hard for her country and as a result will have serious medical and mental issues to deal with for the rest of her life. Many veterans are currently facing the same issues and this will only increase over the coming years. Harassment is one of the main reasons troops do not usually willingly seek out mental health treatment. Otherwise perfectly good soldiers, once problems arise and they are no longer of use, the military systematically disciplines them, and discards of them as damaged goods. They are thrown to the wolves. This type of treatment is being investigated by Congress as we speak.

The military discipline system needs to change. There is absolutely no reason why the military should be allowed to operate such a system that sends troops off to wars and then disciplines them for symptoms directly caused by mental health issues incurred in the line of duty. Military commanders should not be allowed to abuse their authority. Troops should not have to deal with harassment. Troops should not have their careers ruined.

This is a disgrace.
I cannot stand by and let this happen any longer, my daughter deserves better. Our heroes deserve better. Please support my cause.

Elizabeth Langlais

Mother of U.S.Marine Sgt. Renee Langlais


Letter to
Representative Duncan Hunter
Florida State House
U.S. Senate
and 13 others
Governor Richard Scott
Representative Steve Southerland
Representative Tammy Duckworth
State Representative Clay Ford
State Representative Clay Ingram
State Representative Marti Coley 2
Representative Vern Buchanan
Senator Jeff Sessions
Representative Kathy Castor
Representative Jeff Miller
Representative Alan Grayson
Representative Theodore Yoho
Colonel Stephen Nitzschke
Colonel Nitzschke and Representatives,

Treat troops with dignity and compassion. It's abhorrent to send them off to war repeatedly and then punish them when "issues" arise as a direct result of service and deployments. The suicide rate is out of control and the way these troops are treated is directly related to the epidemic. Troops deserve better. Return her rank. Stop punishing perfectly good troops when they break!