Close the Cantonment Roads For Civilian Public Again !

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All of the Defence Fraternity of India must have come to know by now about the decision of opening the Army Cantonment Roads for Civilian Public made by the Honourable Defence Minister Of India. 

Every person in the Armed Forces Organisation knows that this decision is wrong as this jeopardizes the security of all the Officers/JCOs/ORs and their families living inside the Cantonments. Removing the security from the gates of the the Army Cantonments and opening the gates for Civilian Public also opens it for Terrorists. 

The Cantonments were originally built far away from cities with the idea of providing a safe environment for the Serving people as well as their families. But now with the rising population and expanding cities, the Cantonments have been surrounded by Civilian Public, so how is the Army to be blamed for blocking the roads. The Cantonments have not shifted from their places, the Civilian Population has only occupied the area around it. It is up till now that every person, be it the Officers and Soldiers themselves or their families, knew that the Cantonments are secure and thus, they could roam around the area without any fear of anything wrong happening with themselves or with their families. But now after allowing the Civilian Public inside, the roads would no longer be safe and the freedom to roam around will be taken away because of the fear of various things that could happen, especially with the family members.

Till now we have only heard of the infiltration of the Army Camps by Terrorists, but now after this decision, terrorists won't need to infiltrate the Camps, they could just walk in, do their job, and walk out of the Camps using Civilian Public as a cover.

The Chief of the Army Staff has kept quiet when this decision was made by the Minister Of Defence for unknown reasons. But, no one gave him the right to jeopardize the security of the Personel serving under his command just because he lives in a mansion which is fully secured and heavily guarded. The Chief needs to speak up against this decision.

All that being said, the Armed Forces have nothing against the Civilian Population of the country. The Armed Forces are for the safety of the public. But, we request the public to try and understand that a soldier fights for the country knowing that his family is safe back at his home inside the Cantonment. If the families won't be safe, how can the soldier be expected to guard the country when he has to worry about his family too.

So, I request all the Armed Forces Personel and the Civilian Public too, to sign this petition so that this decision can be reversed and so that the safety of the Cantonments are not compromised.

Jai Hind