[Dalhousie University] Appeal for reduction of International tuition fee

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To Dr. Saini, Dr. Balser, and the International Centre
Dalhousie University

On the behalf of the international students studying at Dalhousie University, I am writing this mail for putting forth our appeal for the reduction of our international tuition fee for the upcoming Fall and Winter term.

We are requesting for the reduction of the tuition fee given the current COVID-19 pandemic which has led to the pause in our families regular income in addition to our ability to get summer jobs. This is severely straining our financial equilibrium. We, as international students, are mainly dependent on our summer jobs and family income for the payment of our tuition fee as most of us are not are not holding any scholarships and/or receiving any significant financial aid from the university. Neither are International students eligible for financial stimulus (CESB) from the Canadian government  Thus, the pause of our expected incomes, because of the pandemic, would make it severely difficult to impossible for us to pay the fee for the upcoming Fall and Winter terms.

Please consider waiving or at the very least reducing the international fee by a considerable amount when planning for the next academic year. We want to obtain a good education without causing very significant disruptions to our families financial standings. Given that we could not have predicted such a global pandemic, it is the duty of the university to support their International students by reducing the burden given the grave impact that this situation has had financially on us. Therefore we request you to consider our plea and help us by reducing our monetary burden for the upcoming Academic year.