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Dear Mr. President: Say "No" to Puppy Mills

If you’ve been to a pet store, chances are you’ve seen a puppy mill dog. Despite the unsanitary and abusive practices that take place at puppy mills, these operations continue to thrive because of the high demand for adorable, “designer” puppies that many fall in love with at the pet store.

But the ugly truth is that most puppy mill dogs are forced to live in small wire cages, unbathed and unloved.  The puppies born under these cruel conditions offer suffer behavioral and health problems.  And, for the mother and father dogs, their plight is dire indeed; they are made to breed litter after litter until they are killed, abandoned, or sold to another mill. 

Please join us in pushing for tough new laws to shut down these inhumane puppy mills.  Man's best friends need all of our voices to speak up for them.

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