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We want road safety camera AWAS in Taman Melawati to protect the school kids

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THE illegal U-Turn and the failure of drivers and bikers to stop and/or REFUSE to slow down at pedestrian crossing have caused road fatalities over the years in front of Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Melawati 2 (SKTM2).

There was one instance when two schoolchildren (siblings) mowed down by a speeding car while using the pedestrian crossing at Jalan Taman Melawati, in front of SKTM2.

One died and the other brother suffered serious injury, went into coma and later recovered. This unfortunate incident was confirmed by the family member of the deceased in Twitter. 

Also, this school zone is unsafe with many drivers and bikers making illegal U-Turn even though there are at least 3 road signages ahead of telling motorists not to do U-Turn.

A video about this infamous Melawati illegal U-Turn also made it to YouTube. 

See this:

The infamous DANGEROUS U-Turn is also one of the major causes of traffic congestion at the school zones with stubborn drivers/bikers queuing on the RIGHT LANE at that junction to make the illegal U-Turn.

There were also stories of near miss crashes when drivers tried to avoid others who dashed across or made sudden stop to do the U-Turn.

As usual, it has been ZERO enforcement by PDRM and MPAJ. 

We need your support for this petition because this is about saving lives on the road.

Remember, road casualty may not happen to you but it may happen to the people that you love.

We need big help and action from JPJ and Transport Ministry to install safety cameras in front of SKTM2 for the following reasons:

  • All vehicles to slow down at 30 km/h in front of the school and pedestrian crossing;
  • To halt red light runner at the zebra crossing and the traffic light junction;
  • Prevent car drivers and motorcyclists from making illegal U-Turn in front of the school.

A very good enforcement system like AWAS and KEJARA will capture vehicles making illegal U-Turn and get them to slow down at the zebra crossing or stop when the light is red.

Your support in pressuring JPJ and Transport Ministry to intervene is very crucial in making the roads in Taman Melawati safer.

We urgently need behavioral change among the drivers and bikers when approaching school zones in Melawati.

We must do something before another mishap takes place. Nothing can undo the pain and suffering of the crash victim and the family.

We must protect the kids! 

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