Help Tin Huu Pham stay with his family in USA. Deportation would be a travesty.

Help Tin Huu Pham stay with his family in USA. Deportation would be a travesty.

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I am writing to ask you to help Tin Huu Pham and his family.

We cannot take away from the reality of the devastating fear, pain, and suffering that the Pham family is experiencing during this traumatic time as is true for 9,000 Southeast Asian community members facing deportation.

Knowing that the trauma of separation is real, with your help we want to hold this beautiful and loving example of what an American family should be together.

We, as a community see the treatment of Tin Huu Pham and his family as unjust .

Tin Huu Pham and his family have been rooted in this community for 15 years. He has become a very productive and prominent member of the Bradenton community with a thriving business that supports 9 employees and their families. His wife, Cindy, is an educator for the Manatee School district where she coaches and supports classroom teachers.

Tin pays taxes, donates to various Manatee Community fundraisers, belongs to his church and some small group ministries, works to feed the homeless, and just recently volunteered to clean up our waterways during the Red Tide crisis.

Please sir, we ask for your consideration in this critical life-saving matter for Tin, his wife and his 4-year old daughter. We trust in your leadership and judgement to make the right decision that will impact not just the Pham family but their extended families, friends and communities that love and support them.

This is our impassioned hopeful plea to your Heart; Faith; Love of man; and kindness. It is obvious Tin has paid his dues. Deportation would be a travesty.

Thank you for your time and consideration.