Election Commission: Pause All Elections Until India Recovers from Covid19

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Like most Indians out there, I am anxious about the situation our country is currently in covid cases rising, hospitals running out of beds, dead bodies piling up in crematoriums.

While common citizens are being asked to follow all protocols, there seems no rule for politicians. Elections after elections, the complete negligence of our so-called representatives and supporters is making India look helpless in its fight against covid.

Even after repeated guidelines and appeals from Election Commission, we are seeing roadshows, no social distancing in campaigning and packed rallies-- where only few wear masks. If this continues, I don’t know when India will be able to flatten the curve.

If we act together we can make our politicians and people take coronavirus more seriously. Sign and share my petition now so that the Election Commission of India postpones all elections indefinitely.

From the upcoming panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh to various assembly by-polls and municipal corporation elections, if we don’t pause elections now, the situation is going to get worse. There is a risk that these elections might aid in spreading covid in villages and small towns.

Postponing elections is easier for EC than making political parties and people adhere to covid guidelines. This is why the Gujarat State Election Commission decided to postpone the elections to the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, scheduled to be held on April 18, due to the rise in Covid-19 cases.

This should be done across states. Instead of deploying money and resources of the state in elections, the priority should be to fight this pandemic and save the country from this pandemic.

Let's join hands so that saving lives is more important than winning elections. I am asking every Indian out there to join this movement and ask EC to postpone all elections across India immediately.

#PauseElections until our country is out of danger from covid-19.