Suspend Sagnick Gupta (supporter of abuse) from AIMMAA

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Under Sagnick Gupta´s watch (MMA Fighter from Silchar, Assam), his female colleagues Durba Paul and Priya Mayumdar physically abused an old poor tribal lady for selling certain meat in Silchar town that has contextually been a delicacy.

It is heart breaking to see a well built sportsperson or an MMA fighter allowing to beat up an innocent lady in the name of protecting animal rights.

Firstly, he and his female colleagues have taken laws into their own hands.
Secondly, they have not respected diversity of cultures.
Thirdly, they have become a spreaders of violence culture.
Fourthly, they have committed an act of sexual harassment.
Fifthly, they have committed an act to attempt to take her life, which is an absolute breach of right to life guaranteed by the constitution of India.
Lastly, this is a violation of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

1. All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) should ban/suspend Sagnick Gupta from all MMA matches and events, also membership to AIMMAA.
2. He and his female colleagues should make public apology to that old lady whom they had physically abused.
3. He and colleagues should compensate the old lady financially.
4. Matters be fully investigated and allow laws to take its own course of action against perpetrators involved. 

Personal story
We are group of people who are bitterly saddened by the very abusive act against an helpless lady committed by a sportsperson and his female colleagues.

Also as fans of MMA, we don`t want a character like that of Sagnick Gupta being part of this beautiful sport.