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LulaRoe : Cancel Amber jones contract immediately

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via : fb post from the victim 

Deaf community do not buy from amber

Buyer Beware...ADA Individuals BE WARE!!

Yesterday while watching a live Sale on LuLaRoe Amber Jones Page, I commented that I was deaf and asked her to show size tags so I would know. To my surprise, she said she wouldn’t do that. Customers started commenting with what size the items were to help me out which I very much appreciate and Amber apparently did NOT appreciate because she told them to stop. Her brother Graydon who was running her page also commented telling people to stop and even started blocking members who were commenting because it was “clogging” their feed. Basically they couldn’t see their sold comments.

This is how she treats someone with a Disability. It’s not my fault that I cannot hear!!

Why was it so hard to take a second to show the size tag?? Most people are more then willing to help out and that is why we now have the ADA. Am I not a valued Customer because I can’t hear you??

Discriminating against someone with a Disability!! I guess when you’re one of LuLaRoe’s Top 100 Retailers, loosing one Customer doesn’t make a difference.

Do you really want to support the business of someone who doesn’t have a heart towards the Disabled??

LuLaRoe Amber Jones, you publicly shamed and humiliated me...all because you were too busy to take a second for someone who is Deaf!! I would LOVE to know how you sleep at night!!



: we demand LulaRoe cancel Amber Jones Contract discrimination of a deaf person, or a person with a disability. We would ask that this action be taken immediately. 


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