Postpone, DON’T Cancel DDSB Proms

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I am a Grade 12 Student at Maxwell Heights, and I want Prom to be postponed rather than cancelled, like many of my peers.

We have been waiting for our Proms all of Highschool. It's a chance to say goodbye one last time to all of our childhood friends, as well as people we aren’t that close with anymore, but would still like to see one last time. It isn’t the same when we have a fake prom celebration with just our friends, because we miss out seeing our old friends.

Since we are missing half of our Senior year already, one last goodbye with the whole grade is so much more important. We didn’t even know that it was our last day, and many of us will never even get to go back into our schools for the last time.
Prom is a Rite of Passage, and we want it back.

There is no reason we have to cancel and can not postpone our one and only Prom that any of us will get in our life. We could Postpone it and do it in summer, or whenever the Covid outbreak allows. It would mean so much to us if we could just have the one day many of us have been looking forward to all of high school. 
Many people already bought expensive dresses that will now be a waste of money. Some people have bought their shoes and handbag to match. It is such a waste of Money, when Prom can still just be postponed until further notice.
Having Prom cancelled is very upsetting because Prom is a time when everyone looks beautiful and handsome. No one is left behind, and every single student feels accomplished and accepted. However, DDSB may have thought that parents will host a Prom instead anyways, so it doesn’t matter. If there is no school-run prom, someone will most likely hold a fake prom event, but it won’t even be close to the real Prom we imagined. Due to Maxwell having so many students, they won’t be allowed to have everyone, and a lot of students won’t have any Prom celebration, knowing they are being left out. When the school board cancels Prom, they are simply leaving Prom up to the students, which will end in many students being left out and upset.

‘Prom is overrated, don’t worry you’re missing it’ does not help us. Prom may seem overrated to some, but that is only an opinion. We want our Prom back. We want our last goodbyes, we want our Rite of passage. We want to be happy about the money we spent, we want everyone to be included.

Together, we will show DDSB School Board how badly we want our Prom back. Thank you.