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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at DCH in Tuscaloosa

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On July 1, 2015 Megan Rondini, a student at the University of Alabama, went out for a drink with friends. Her night out turned into a nightmare when T.J. Bunn Jr. sexually assaulted her.

Megan was able to escape that night. She was picked up by a friend and they went directly to DCH, the hospital closest to the University, for a rape kit to be performed.

At the hospital, it is "unclear" if a blood and urine sample were even taken for Megan's rape kit. A spokesperson for the hospital declined to comment on Megan's case.

The spokesperson did say, however, that DCH does not employ any sexual assault nurse examiners (or SANEs).

The University of Alabama, the center of attention in the town of Tuscaloosa, is not a small school. In 2016 UA had an enrollment of 37,665 students. The University of Alabama also has a prominent Greek life-- 36% of students are in a sorority or fraternity.

Because of this, the University is unquestionably considered a "party school." Frat parties occur every weekend-- rarely dry. Bars line The Strip, a popular main street in Tuscaloosa where students go every weekend to drink with friends.

This is the perfect backdrop for unsuspecting young women and men to end up being sexually assaulted or raped. In a town with a massive party school, it is an embarrassment that the local hospital does not employ a single sexual assault nurse examiner.

As long as there is no SANE at DCH, Tuscaloosa, and UA, are failing to protect and support their students in cases of sexual assault.

The article below can give you the full story on Megan's experience and tragic end. The end of the reporting tell us this:

"Tuscaloosa's hospital is overdue for the SANE forensic nursing program that's recommended by Department of Justice and leading national medical organizations."

Please sign and show your support for the hiring of a sexual assault nurse examiner at DCH. To show your support for the students of UA.

Megan's story: katiejmbaker/how-accusing-a- powerful-man-of-rape-drove-a- college-student?utm_term=. lyApxdR7Rk#.sxmmGxYdYa

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