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Political Solutions for the Conflict in Syria! No Military Intervention!

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Political Solutions for the Conflict in Syria! No Military Intervention!


Dear Mr. Cameron, dear Mr. Obama, dear Mr. Hollande, dear Mrs. Merkel,

Many people in Syria have been killed by poison gas – it makes no difference by whom. We share your outrage and concern. Syrian children, women and men have suffered excessively. But now external armed forces are threatening destructive military action. We all know that such an internationalization of the war would:

- kill or wound more people,
- not save the life of a single person, and
- carry the danger of uncontrollable escalation.

Without the mandate of the UN Security Council, you would also be in violation of international law – just like the parties that are responsible for the poison gas attacks. And you would probably kill more people than the chemical weapons have done.

Therefore: Do not fight war crimes with war!!

If external military intervention is applied, the Syrian civil war would be even further internationalized. It is highly probable that during the course of the war, neighboring countries, Russia, and other nations with their varying interests would be drawn into the arena. It would be irresponsible to escalate the civil war to a war between nations with unforeseeable destruction that would probably spread beyond Syria. No reasonable person could want this.

Responsible politics call for a level-headed evaluation of the consequences of one’s actions.

End the war rhetoric! Stop planning a military intervention! Instead, strive to use political strength and diplomatic means at UN level, and together with the conflicting parties try to achieve a peace settlement based on communication.

Have the courage to seek peaceful solutions!


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