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We need to overhaul our animal cruelty legislation, urgently.

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Around us everywhere, we are seeing an exponential increase the the numbers of cases of animal cruelty in Britain today, the details, injuries and horrors inflicted on these poor defenceless creatures is just shocking, and they are getting worse. They are being kicked, thrown around, burned, maimed, mutilated, hacked apart and being left to die. Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, every species or breed of animal is being abused or murdered, and what is happening about it? Our government remains silent, the RSPCA shows more interest in money than of the welfare of the animals it was born to rescue and save - the organisation kills over 60% of the animals it takes in, a lot for, simply training purposes - and the police either just do not have the resources, or are more interested in motoring violations, as it more rewarding financially to them. The people of Britain are angry and disgusted that those with the power, and the money do not care, they just turn over the page, or the channel and read or watch something different. This page is not being turned anymore, I am calling on David Cameron's government to hold a public inquiry into the day to day running of the RSPCA, and it's feasibility to cotinue in its current, shameful state, and for the Animal Welfare act to be overhauled, so it will become a deterrent to people that commit acts of cruelty against animals, 51 weeks in prison is not penalty for the worst offenders, 51 months would be more effective. If you are also sickened and shocked by seeing the images, or reading the reports of the most heinous of crimes of barbarism against these innocent little animals, and if you are left angry on a daily basis, after reading about a few weeks in jail, or banning orders, or tiny little slap on the wrist fines, and you want justice to mean justice, then please sign this petition, yiu will be doing your bit to change Britain for the better, to give natures little animals and our pets the standard of life they deserve, and the justifiable retribution for the monsters that take those standards away. WE NEED TO ACT NOW, TO SAVE, NOT ONLY THEIR LIVES, BUT ALSO OUR OWN!

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