We support politicians who want to repeal crazy e-cigarette regulations

We support politicians who want to repeal crazy e-cigarette regulations

18 May 2016
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abzed.com

This petition supports politicians who want to remove the harsh regulations on e-cigarettes which would force vapers back to smoking. Now that we are leaving the EU, we urge our Parliament to take charge of this issue and debate the implications for public health of the Tobacco Products Directive's regulations on e-cigarettes. And we plead with the Prime Minister and the European Commission to prioritise this measure so that vapers can see reasons to rebuild trust in both Westminster and Brussels.

Numbers Vaping

  • 2.8 million vapers in Great Britain - up from 700,000 in 2012 - Ash Survey published 16 May 2016
  • 9% of vapers (252,000 people) use higher strength nicotine (+20mg/ml) prohibited under TPD - Ash Survey

Debate on E-Cigarette Regulation

  • The health minister said he wanted lax implementation of vaping rules. He hoped “enforcement will be more Italian than traditionally British” Lord Prior of Brampton 
  • The shadow health minister said it was “obvious that the Government themselves do not support them [the rules on vaping]”  Lord Hunt of Kings Heath - Shadow Health Minister  

Department of Health’s Impact Assessment   

  • “There is a risk that due to the potential price increase and reduction of choice of e- cigarettes, people will choose to switch back to smoking” (paragraph 207) 
  • “if users can’t get the desired nicotine level from e-cigarettes they may switch to cigarettes” (paragraph 200)
  • the number of e-cigarette products on the market could fall 96% from 25,000 to 1,000 (Annex B page 74 )
  • the rules could reduce e-cigarette advertising by 90% (paragraph 176) 
  • “There is a risk that a black market will develop with potentially harmful e-cigarette products” (paragraph 208) 

Royal College of Physicians Report    

  • "Promoting e-cigarettes... as widely as possible, as a substitute for smoking, is therefore likely to generate significant health gains in the UK” page 189 
  • forcing e-cigarette packaging to carry big health warnings is “illogical” - page 160 

E-Cigarettes Regulations of Tobacco Product Directive (Article 20)

  • started coming into effect on Friday 20 May 2016
  • ban stronger e-cigarettes (nicotine above 20mg/ml)
  • ban e-liquid bottles above 10ml
  • ban e-cigarette ‘tanks’ above 2ml
  • ban most advertising


Petition Closed

This petition had 55,243 supporters

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