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Rodent glue is a trap for rodents! When they fall into into it they can not get out! It is a glue trap which a rodent is lured into and the poor rodent becomes stuck! Some rodents even try to chew of their limbs in desperation to get out! Animals should not be treated like this! Many people buy these traps as they are cheap, but how would you feel if you were that poor rodent stuck in that trap? Most people have said if they have bought a rodent glue trap and when they watched the immense suffering the poor rodent went through it scared them for life! It is a VERY slow and painful death! Please do not buy these traps and please sign this petition to stop these traps being sold in shops!

Today: is counting on you Hamsters needs your help with “David Cameron MP: STOP RODENT GLUE BEING SOLD IN SHOPS!”. Join and 1,338 supporters today.