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Stop Animal Testing and Puppy Farms in the UK

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Animal Testing 

People should support my petition because animal testing is wrong because the animals who suffer are innocent and are brought into this world with no life, not knowing what the outdoor is like. They have chemicals poured onto their fur and into their eyes. Suffering everyday not knowing if they're going to live for the next and what is going to happen. These animals suffer in silence because they don't have a voice, so i am being their voice because i feel like i can make a difference and so many people will agree with me. Imagine if this was your dog, cat, rabbit, rat or mouse, suffering everyday because humans want new thing like perfume, after shave, make up. Animals in testing have to suffer to keep us happy in our everyday lives. Instead of testing on animals why don't you use labs and scientists for the job? 

Puppy Farms

In puppy farms the puppies are found with bleeding paws, collars too tight for them and their food and water aren't in the best conditions. Are you sure you want to bring this back to have more animals suffer. the female breeding dogs are near enough constantly pregnant and don't get time to recover, after a couple years of them breeding they wont be able to anymore and are killed. imagine this was your dog, imagine the living facilities they live in. Would you want your dog living in poor conditions for it to never see the outside world and for it to die.

My reasons for this petition is because no animal should suffer they way they do and its taking their freedom away just so we can have cosmetics.  This can make a difference as most are against animal testing and puppy farms.

Animals have feelings too. just like humans, they know when they hurt and they show it. Why make them suffer?

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