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Resignation or removal of Jeremy Hunt MP as Secretary of State for Health


Jeremy Hunt has for a long while angered NHS workers with out of touch policies, flippant remarks about NHS staff and a real sense that he does not consider the NHS workforce to be valuable.

His recent speech on seven day working in the NHS was the last straw. In essentially calling doctors lazy and suggesting they need 'a sense of vocation' he has offended the whole NHS workforce and demonstrated how little regard he has for us and how little he understands what we do.

If Jeremy Hunt actually spoke to NHS professionals, he would rapidly understand that we are involved in quality improvement daily and that we would all agree that improvements to seven day working are essential. However, he refuses to engage us, the experts, on how, merely striding head with proposals which are unworkable and untenable.

This petition calls for either the resignation or the removal of Jeremy Hunt MP as Secretary of State for Health and acts as a vote of no confidence in his leadership from the NHS and from the public.


This petition was started by Dr Dan Furmedge, a doctor in geriatric and general internal medicine @danfurmedge on behalf of the NHS workforce.

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