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Reduce stillbirth rates by implementing earlier and more regular doppler scans in pregnancy

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My Husband and I have set up this petition in memory of our and all other babies sadly born sleeping in the UK.  Every day in the UK, 17 babies are stillborn or die shortly after birth; more than 6,000 each year. Many of these deaths are preventable, this level of baby loss is unnecessary and unacceptable.  Many deaths are caused by a failure in the mothers placenta - if the blood flow is abnormal, babies are starved of food and oxygen. Often the problems occur towards the end of pregnancy, but if identified the baby can be monitored carefully and delivered by caesarean before the placenta fails. This can be spotted by a doppler scan, but most hospitals use these only on the 15-20% of women who are deemed high risk - as per national guidelines. Professor Kypros Nicolaides at King's College Hospital in London offers doppler scans to all women three times during their pregnancies at 12, 22 and 32 weeks. He has been researching doppler scans for 15 years and believes that extending the programme across the UK could cut the stillbirth rate by as much as 50% - potentially saving 3,000 babies each year. A doppler scan only costs £15. Our baby, Freddie died at 27 weeks gestation as problems were not identified soon enough. If I had received a doppler scan prior to 20 weeks gestation, adjustments could have been made in my antenatal care to potentially prevent the worst outcome; the loss of our baby's life.  Professor Nicolaides has demonstrated through extensive research that more than 90% of cases can be identified from the 12 week assessment.  Our baby could potentially have been one of those 3,000 saved. If something can be done, then it needs to be done now. Please help by signing this petition to push for implementing this all over the UK. If we get enough signatures hopefully the government will take more notice and fund the prevention of unnecessary incidents of stillbirth. 

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