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Reconsider Andrew and Daniel Frankish's prison sentences for animal cruelty charges

With the recent media coverage regarding Andrew and Daniel Frankish and their horrendous maltreatment of their family pet bulldog "Baby", their sentencing of 21 weeks suspended for two years, and a tagged curfew for six months has riled a lot of people as inadequate punishment for such disgusting and cruel actions. The poor animal was repeatedly thrown down flights of stairs, "pile driven" into the ground from head height, swung around, and stamped all over. "Baby" was put to sleep three months later after losing the use of her hind legs. This was all captured on camera, and it is clear it was for their sick enjoyment. We believe this sentence should be reconsidered and the punishment should be greater for such horrendous treatment of a defenceless animal. You can find the full story and video footage at the below link. The GoFundMe page is now CLOSED! Thank you to all donors for your generosity, all funds will be sent to the RSPCA Middlesbrough and South Tees branch once all payments have cleared - updates will be posted through this petition page regarding that as it happens, and via Twitter (@scarfey1991)!
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