Our Baby was Snatched by the Social Services

Our Baby was Snatched by the Social Services

17 March 2016
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Started by Iola Sousa

We are Leonardo Edwards and Iolanda Menino.

Our baby was snatched by Social services, Judiciary and Local Government at only 5 days old.

We had a home birth and after our baby was born on the 1st February 2016, naturally in a birthing pool.
The NHS midwife arrived 10mins before our baby was born after calling the labour line 6 hours before! She was not sympathetic and as a result the placenta did not emerge. The midwife pulled on the cord twice. Iolanda had severe bleeding losing 2 litres of blood and was rushed into hospital by ambulance. The Midwife did not want to go to the hospital due to concerns of getting a parking ticket on her car and she wanted to go home for child duties and her husband as soon as possible. Iolanda was taken to hospital for manual removal of the placenta.
While we were in the hospital the staff insisted on taking the baby to weigh, measure and test, but we refused, pointing out that our baby had not been admitted, it was the mother who had the problem, our baby was fine. He was checked over by NHS Midwife at home before Iolanda was transported to the hospital. Iolanda insisted on going home the next day, they agreed and was then discharged home on the 2nd February 2016.

On Wednesday 3rd February a midwife turned up, without an appointment. Another midwife, our regular one, arrived two hours later without an appointment, but we did not see either of them. We rescheduled an appointment with our regular midwife, Donna Smith, but she could only fit us in the following week. Friday, 12th February.
The Princess Anne Hospital Southampton UK sent a doctor to our house; the couple did not see her due to her attitude. Later that day a policeman turned up hoping to see our baby was ok, the couple showed the policeman their baby and chatted with him.

Social services took our baby away without providing any paperwork until our baby was stolen and put into foster care.
Now we are not allowed to see our baby, PREVENTING BREASTFEEDING.

We are raising funds because we are dedicated to getting our baby back full time. https://www.gofundme.com/tztxzkhw and here is our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ourbabywassnatchedbythesocialservices/?ref=hl and here is our interview https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6MsdkSnE-TQgiY6uy7SM6w

We are both so grateful to you for any donations. PLEASE SHARE this page and our videos. Please sign this petition to help to get our baby back.

Thank you so much.
Leonardo & Iolanda & Baby


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This petition had 2,386 supporters

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