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Make it a legal requirement to microchip cats

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It’s now a legal requirement to microchip dogs. I think it’s about time they made it a legal requirement for cats too!

I am sick of seeing strays in some really bad states or even dead. Cats are often classed as the animals that go and wander, who might get lost but will find their way home eventually. But this isn’t always the case -- some get lost forever and get attacked by foxes and dogs.

Far too many are not chipped and we are told to 'just put them outside.'  If cats were microchipped then their owners could be called and made aware that they have been brought in hungry/hurt or seen in the same place for weeks. Rescue centres are full of cats, bursting at the seams, because none of them are chipped and their owners don’t know anything of their whereabouts.

If we can do this for dogs, why can’t we do it for cats? Let’s fix this for our pets. Let’s make sure more cats have happy lives.

Please sign my petition and call on the UK government to make it a legal requirement to microchip cats.

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