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Innocent pet owners should not have to suffer persecution from RSPCA

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The pet loving public in this country are under constant fear and threat of having their pets stolen by RSPCA, just because they can!!   There is a flaw in the Animal Welfare Act 2006, where the RSPCA can manipulate the Police into doing whatever they want them to without question!  The British public and a lot of police forces are under the false illusion that RSPCA have certain powers, but they don't.  RSPCA are in fact just a bunch of charity workers, who wear an imitation police style uniform to intimidate people. 

There is a sinister movement going on in this country that the media will not publicise, where the RSPCA are targeting vulnerable people and intimidating them to either sign over there pets, or using the police to seize them under false pretences, because they can! 

They turn up at your door and intimidate you into letting them in.   You do not have to let them in.  These are the facts!!

RSPCA do not have any powers, if you do not want them on your property tell them to leave, as they are trespassing.

They will threaten you with police, but again police are still only allowed in your property with a valid warrant.

If they come to you, make sure you film everything for your own safety, as they do lie and make things up to get their way.

Do not sign anything, do not let your pets leave your premises before you have spoken to a solicitor.

They can not take your pets unless a vet has checked them and regard they are suffering,  So if they do not have a vet with them, get them to bring your vet to attend.   There have been so many concerns over the RSPCA abusing their status, the government are investigating.  So please all get your personal experiences into the enquiry so something can be done about them finally.  

These are some of the articles to confirm this, so pet owners aware, be prepared for that knock at your door!

There is a myth going round that they like you to believe, that if you have nothing to hide, then you are quite safe and have nothing to worry about.  That is true, if you film the whole event, as they always play by the rules when they are on camera. This is how they manipulate the trusting animal lovers.  In reality if you do not film the whole event, they will lie  and make up evidence to make it easier to secure a prosecutions.  This you can see on their PR programmes like 'The Dog Rescuers' etc.  These programmes are just propoganda to make people believe that is what they are like, but it is far from the truth.  Yes, there are still the odd one who does the job for the genuine love of the animals, but unfortunately most of them now have the enormous pressure from HO to get as many prosecutions as possible.  They even hand out awards for the ones with the most prosecutions.

They will try to deflect the truth by making out the victims were really animal abusers and just causing trouble out of spite.  Well they would do that, wouldn't they??  They are a large greedy corporation, that has lost it's way, and disguises itself as an animal charity.   Real genuine caring animal charities work with mostly volunteers, work all hours, and do not kill animals on a whim, even though they are strapped for cash.   The RSPCA have millions in the bank, pay their employees large salaries, and often kill most of the animals that they get a hold of.  This is not a lie, it is all documented. 

It is so hard to get people to take us seriously as they tend to believe the the cleverly disguised false image they portray, so makes it hard to for us to get our message out there.  How could such a large animal charity do such things that we are claiming?  The normal reaction is, there is no "smoke without fire", so these people must be just bitter and can't be real animal lovers.    Well may I remind you how so many of Jimmy Saville's victims were not believed, as he had also spun such a clever respectable  image around him, and we all knew what happened in that case!!  All we ask is people start opening their mind, and looking deeper into their cases before the judging people at face value.     Many people have lost their beloved pets due to false accusations by RSPCA, just because they will not be believed, as it is just easier to believe the RSPCA than question their motives.

The cover picture is of one of my dogs.  He spent a whole year in RSPCA incarceration before I won my case to win him back 4 years ago.  Then they tried to get him again a few weeks ago as they hate losing.  So they arranged a raid with Police under false pretences.  As you can see 4 years went by between getting him back, and them raiding me again, and he is still happy and healthy.  That is in contradiction to the RSPCA view, as they said when they lost the first case, they were not happy with outcome, as did not have confidence that I would keep my dogs safe.  Well they would say that, as they say anything to dupe the public.  They must be gutted that they had to leave empty handed after the raid??  Finally the media are waking up to the real RSPCA, as the mask is slipping.

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