Equal sentencing for Animal abusers

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I believe that if a person abuses an animal then the punishment should be the same as if that animal were a human child- just like children animals are just as defenseless. I believe that if someone deliberately hurts and kills a domesticated animal merely for the purpose of their own twisted pleasure this should carry the same sentence as murder. I believe that if an animal is hurt purposely resulting in their death or them having to be put down because of cruelty this should carry the same sentence as manslaughter. If the laws in this country were generally tougher and a lot harsher on animal abuse crimes then less people would commit such acts and not run the risk of a tougher sentence. Thanks to social media a lot more people are being caught but this is not enough. More action needs to be taken. Greater punishment for abusers need to be put in place and by doing this I believe that the number of domestic animal abuse cases will be lessened greatly. When we adopt a pet we have a responsibility and duty of care for that animal. If people adopt a pet they are knowingly accepting the responsibility for that animals welfare. If they are found to be abusing and causing harm to that animal then adequate prosecution should be put in place including a life ban for abusers.