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David Cameron - Please Let Our Family Stay Together in the UK

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Please help us and sign our petition to David Cameron to allow us to remain in the UK together, with our family. David Cameron was recently quoted as saying "When people's love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change". David Cameron, please follow your own advice and let our family stay together!

I have just been denied the right to live in the UK, my home country, with my family, by the British government. We had applied for a visa, requesting to consider our application for Katy, my American wife, to have leave to remain, based on the fact that we have been married for 9 years and have a 2 and a half year old British daughter who has lived half her life here.  

My wife's visa refusal letter says that my daughter and I can remain in the UK because we are British.  It also informs my wife that if she leaves the UK, it is considered that there are no concerns regarding the safety and welfare of your daughter as she would be with her father in the UK." 

This is not just my home, being born and raised in Britain, it is also the home of my daughter who has a wonderful life here with her grandparents, aunties and uncles, five cousins and her friends at nursery and community in Eastbourne.

Katy has lived in Britain as my wife twice before, has never claimed benefits, speaks English as her first language and has many friends and close ties with our community and family in Eastbourne. I never believed, when in 2009 we decided to spend a couple of years in the USA, that we wouldn't be able to come back and live in the UK. We'd lived in Edinburgh for nearly 3 years before this, as she was granted a spousal visa without any problems in 2007 which enabled us to work the whole time and enjoy our first few years of marriage in Britain.

I rue the day I decided to try life in America for a temporary period in 2009, as I had no idea that the UK government would close the door on us and deny us the right to return.

All of us who find ourselves unable to live here with our non EU spouses never expected it; a betrayal of our rights as British citizens, locked out of our own country, exiled for the mistakes made by previous immigration policies.  For two years, we were exiled from the life we craved in the UK. A family life, as our intention was always to have a child brought up with our large and close family in Britain.

In 2014, nearly two years after the law was implemented, my wife eventually managed to gain an Intra-company transfer which granted her a Tier 2 visa, paid for by her employer. We moved to the UK with high hopes of staying permanently. However, she was made redundant after 4 months of the move by a worldwide restructuring by her company, so we were forced to return to America, as the law required. It was a terrible blow to us.

Our life in the U.S was empty and unhappy, and I was suffering with depression. We spent most of our time on our own, our relationships with our British family were now based on Skype conversations.

Our local M.P., Caroline Ansell, told my family that the law was never meant for genuinely married people like us, so in August 2015 we decided to move to Britain and appeal to the Home Office to judge our case sympathetically. Our life has been on hold since we applied. Their verdict is a great blow to us and will impact the life of all our close family, and especially my daughter.

My great grandfathers died fighting for their country in the Great War. My great uncle died on D-Day. Generations of my family have lived in Britain, and I have never broken the law in my life, and have not been unemployed since I married Katy in 2006.

Do I not deserve the right to live in my own country with my British daughter and wife of nearly 10 years? My wife has a degree, has an excellent work history and offers so much to this country with her skills and work ethic.

We are not prepared to spend nearly a year separated, a requirement of the U.K. Family Immigration Law, while I earn the £18,500 for the 6 months and the visa processing time that would separate us for up to a year.  It is an immoral, brutal, law, which has no place in British life. 

I think our case is an example of how unjust, how fundamentally destructive this Conservative government is with its immigration policies; how careless, how negligent the Home Office is with the crucial, fundamental right of a citizen, the very right that my ancestors fought for in the wars: the right to live freely in one's own country.  

If you care about British families and believe British children have a right to live together with their families, please help us and sign our petition to David Cameron to allow us to remain in the UK together, with our family.

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